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Learn the steps to the ‘Jai Ho’ dance, as seen in the film ‘Slumdog millionaire'.

This cheeky and expressive routine is a great example of Bollywood (modern Indian dance).

The choreography is energetic but easy to learn and creates a fantastic atmosphere for a group workshop.

Bright Sari scarf to be draped over one shoulder and tied

Bindi sticker (to be worn on forehead)

A 2 hr dance workshop delivered to chosen location

Studio hire - Revel In Dance will book a suitable venue for your workshop

Use of costume accessories

A glass of bubbly for every party member

A cupcake for every party member

A dance routine guaranteed to impress!

Your Party Package

Costumes Accessories Supplied

Dressing up is of course completely optional but well worth it to enhance your theme and the whole dance experience!


Here are some costume suggestions to help you 'look the part':


Short sleeved top to be worn under scarf (ideally bearing mid drift)

Sari style trousers/skirt

Leggings (ideally brightly coloured)

Jewellery (earrings/bracelets)

Henna tattoos/transfers

What To Wear

The choreography is broken down into counts and sections to ensure that everybody finds it easy to pick up and totally uncomplicated.


During the workshop there will be drinks breaks for you all to stop, chat and mingle over a glass of bubbly and a cupcake.


This lighthearted workshop offers a wonderful shared experience for all involved and serves as a great way for people to get to know each other.

The workshop is designed to be fun,

accessible and socialable.

Sarah promotes so much fun and energy, encouraging exercise in a lively and exciting way. Her passion and professionalism is inspiring.


Avril H


Good routine, nice instructors and very good fun. Thank you very much. It was a wonderful dance class, all my friends had a good time.


Natasha O


Every hen receives a glass of bubbly

and a cupcake during their workshop

BL (5) BL (6)

Sarah was very easy to deal with by email. She created an excellent atmosphere at our venue with lighting and costumes. The dance routine was good fun and easy to follow. Everyone had a really good experience and enjoyed the session. Good for any age

or dance ability.


Theresa M

BW 600 Bollywood (2)