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The style is bouncy and energetic and hugely enjoyable to watch and perform. Expect to swing your arms, twist your feet, kick, flick and shimmy!

It is without wonder that the Charleston was THE dance craze of the 1920’s.


In the Beginners class you will get to grips with the basic charleston step,

in which you will practice swivelling your feet and swinging your arms at the same time!  


You will also learn a variety of solo moves:

the Scarecrow, Shoe-Shine, Hitch Hiker, Crazy Knees and Windmill  

– to name a few!


To maximise your enjoment of the class and build muscle memory,

you will practice pieces of choreography that combine these uplifting steps  

- all to an accompaniment of warming 1920's music and upbeat electro swing.


As you progress to Improvers level you will be introduced to arm and feet variations on your basic charleston step.


You will also continue to build a vocabulary of classic Charleston and Vintage Jazz moves, as well as some exciting partner sequences.


At intermediate level you will learn more complex combinations, as well as performance choreography.

Dancing the Charleston is all about having fun

and showing character!

There are opportunities to perform routines to the public

and at themed events, should you wish to show off your talents!

I have wanted to learn Charleston for many years and couldn't believe my luck when I heard about Sarah's classes. Thursday nights are now the highlight of my week. The classes are such fun as well as being a fantastic workout and Sarah is so patient as well as being a really lovely person. We have recently performed in a charity dance show which was great fun and really bonded us as a group, I have gained a lovely new group of friends who share my love of dancing. My best advice to you if you are thinking of joining a Revel in Dance class is... stop thinking and do it!

You will learn a new skill, get yourself fit and meet some new friends, it's a



Sue J

I've been dancing the Charleston with Sarah for several months now and have loved every minute of it! So much that we're going out dancing in public!! Sarah is committed, enthusiastic and a super lovely person to boot. She's so encouraging you don't feel like a complete idiot! I can fully recommend her hen parties too, they're incredibly entertaining and something different from your usual night of drinking!!  


Sam E

I've been attending Sarah's Charleston classes for a few months now, from beginners through to improvers, and I love every minute of it. The classes are fun, energetic and move at a pace that everyone is comfortable with. Sarah is an excellent instructor; full of enthusiasm and encouragement so no-one feels stupid if they go wrong! We have now progressed to showcasing our routines at events around Shrewsbury - it's a great chance to get dressed up and show how our hard work has paid off! The classes are attended by both men and women of all ages, so I would encourage anyone to come along and try it out :)


Caroline W

Revel In Dance's performance group 'The Dapper Flappers' are also available

to dazzle your guests with exciting Charleston routines that capture

the energy, glitz and glamour of the 1920's era.  


'Revel In Dance' offers engaging Charleston workshops to get your guests

on their feet and in the mood to dance!  


During the workshop, guests will learn a range of iconic steps,

as well as a routine they can reprise later on the dance floor!


Available for private events, corporate events, birthdays, weddings,

charity fundraisers and more!


Please contact Sarah for details, options and a quote.

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I've just done the beginners Charleston course with Sarah. It was so much fun, you find that you're smiling all the way through the class. We learnt a great routine and got to dress up in our Charleston outfits on the last night which really ended the 5 week course on a high. Sarah is a great teacher and choreographer and I look forward to the next dance course.


Renee P

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Just finished the 1920's Charleston for Beginners. The 8 sessions flew by, found myself really looking forward to Monday evenings! Sarah made the classes fun and engaging, it's good exercise too! Can't wait to start on the improver’s course, definitely worth a go! I've got the brogues now and can say 'I love Charleston!


Becky L

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