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Saturday 22nd September 2018


In an attempt to see Shrewsbury in the Guinness Book of Records in a fun, active and inclusive way, Revel-in-Dance is getting Shrewsbury in a flap!


The aim is to break the current Guinness World Record for the largest number of people to dance the Charleston at one time. The current record is 975 people and is held by ‘Swing Patrol’ in London; so with this hefty figure to beat we really need your feet!  


We would love as many people as possible to take part so why not get your family, friends and work buddies involved in this special charity event!


All proceeds go to Severn Hospice.


Rules for the record challenge are quite stringent, so in the lead up to the event, you will need to attend one of eight available workshops to learn the routine. The routine itself is very easy to learn and accessible to all levels of dance experience so please don't be put off if you have never danced the charleston before!  


During the workshop you will learn a short piece of cheeky Charleston choreography which you will repeat for a 5 minute duration at the record attempt in September. In order to achieve a new record, we not only must exceed 975 in numbers but also dance the choreography for a full 5 minutes, accurately and in unison. It is for this reason that the event is open to children 10 years and above only. The routine will also be available on YouTube so you can continue to practice after the workshop.  


We are asking for a registration donation of £3 for adults and £2 for children to take part in the event. You are very welcome to donate more as all the registration funds raised will be donated to Severn Hospice.


We are looking for volunteers to fulfil various stewarding roles at the event.

If you are interested in supporting the event please email



Please fill in the registration form and we will email you with reminders,

updates or changes.


Thank you and hope to see you there!

I Can Charleston